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What offense will the Eagles bring against the Cowboys in their first NFC East showdown

Philadelphia- The Eagles flew high in a win over the Falcons, but only had 11 points in a loss to the 49ers in their second game of the season.

Some critics are chirping over the fact that Jalen Hurts last week, did not have much of a good game until late into the fourth quarter. DeVanta Smith was a non-factor and the Eagles barely used their tight ends to get productive yards down the field. Last but not least, the Eagles struggled to get convert on third down conversions, going 5 out of 12.

Everything in Philadelphia is sort of new. They have a new QB, new players, and a new head coach, but have not really established who they are as a team. Against the Falcons, they were more of a pass first offense and against the 49ers, they were more of a run first type of team. What offensive strategy will they go with against the Dallas Cowboys?

The Eagles could exploit the Cowboys' secondary with a little miss-direction, big plays down the field and using their tight ends as a safety blanket if nothing is there. Philadelphia did not use their tight ends much in week 2 and it showed. The offense was trying to force big plays and not letting play come to them. In a presser this week, Eagles OC Shane Steichen talked about adapting and what the organization has to do to help out their young QB.

"Yeah, I think you need to, obviously, be able to adapt. I mean, when teams are doing certain things, take certain things away, obviously, you got to through that in your weekly preparation when you're game planning," said Steichen. "You got to be able to adapt week in and week out to have success on Sundays offensively. Because ,you know teams are going to do certain things to take things away like you said. So, we got to do a great job, as a coaching staff, putting our guys in positions to make great plays."

This week, the Eagles will have their first taste of a division match-up with the Dallas Cowboys. In order for the Eagles to come out with a win, they have to get their tight ends involved and move Smith into more of the slot position. Philadelphia will have some chances to get Smith the ball and let him make plays with his legs. Last but not least, do not get fancy. The Eagles got a little too cute on some plays with the 49ers, which resulted in a loss of down, holding calls, or no points on the scoreboard. Just play your game.

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