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  • Sharmaine Johnson

Vivica A Fox's new Lifetime series open up with a second season

Newstitched Media got the inside TEA on the second season of the series Keeping Up with the Joneses at the Baldwin Hills Cinemark Theater. This is a part of the Wrong franchise which are four two-hour films produced by Vivica A. Fox. Keeping up with the Joneses is about a wealthy family headed by Vivica, who along with her four stepdaughters,who will stop at nothing to protect their business and family after they are threatened.

The show also dug deeper into the women as individuals and told their stories. Robin (Vivica) is a widow who is waiting to inherit a fortune from the death of her husband Webb, fighting to keep her family on top in all aspects. Now let me introduce the daughters. Carrie is a philanthropist that has always had to take a backseat to the family business, which creates some friction but her better half Lance is making it his business to change that narrative. Kayla was living single and free until the love bug bit her and now she is falling in love. The quiet ones are the ones to watch, Tara has gotten entangled with her college professor and Pam is shocked to learn that she might not just be a sister, but a mom!

The series is like a black soap opera and I’m here for it! The cast was excellent and had great chemistry and the comedic relief was right on time every single time. I also peeped that Kandi Burruss is the narrator so the black girl magic is definitely flowing in this project. What Vivica A. Fox has done with Lifetime Movie Network as an actress and executive producer shows us that we don’t have to be confined to a box when it comes to our talents. We are not one dimensional and our dreams don’t have to be either.

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