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Victoria Azarenka stuns Serena Williams and will advance to the Open Finals

New York- Victoria Azarenka upsets Serena Williams as she wins two consecutive sets to advance to the Open Finals, 1-6, 6-3, 6-3.

Serena Williams came out the gate focused and had Victoria Azarenka on her toes as Azarenka had trouble figuring out how to stop Williams' forehand. Williams had six winners at one point in the first set. Williams played her first set flawlessly and had few errors as she made light work out of Azarenka, 6-1. Williams was 3 out 4 on break points and was winning 86% of her first serves.

In the second set, Williams looked a little tired and was not hitting the backhand as well as she did in the first set. Azarenka tried to get back into the match and won three consecutive games to go up 3-2 in the match. Williams attempted to get out of a 4-2 hole that Azarenka put her in, but Azarenka was being the aggressor with cross shots and mixing up the returns to confuse Williams. The second set was won by Azarenka 6-3.

Early in the third set, Williams looked like she tweaked her ankle after trying to retrieve a serve and had to tape her ankle up. Williams tried to overcome a 4-1 deficit, but Azarenka's serve was just too much for Williams and went on to win the third set 6-3. This is the first time that Azarenka has beaten Williams in a major.

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