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Unorthodox mistake ends with the Dodgers losing Game 4, 8-7

Los Angeles- Costly mistakes were the shackles that kept the Dodgers from taking control of the series against the Tampa Bay Rays.

With two strikes and two players on the bases, Dodgers' closer Kenley Jansen was on the brink of giving LA a 3-1 lead in the series. Jansen threw a curve ball that Brett Phillips hit center field. Center fielder Chris had trouble getting the ball in his glove, which brought in the tying score with the mistake. Randy Arozarena, who started from first base scored the game winner, after the Dodgers dropped the ball trying to get him out at home base.

"I didn't give up one hard hit I mean, what can I do?" Jansen said. "Can't do anything with that. I threw the pitches where I wanted to. Credit to the hitters like I said, a broken-bat single, a bloop single. You can't, you can't. Ain't no time to hang our hats. Tomorrow is another day.

Jansen added, "Can't let this beat you, can't let this beat us. Like I said, we have been here before. Have to let it go, regroup quickly, come in and play baseball tomorrow. We know who we are, we know what we are capable of. Tampa played hard today. We can't let this beat us or beat ourselves."

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