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  • Sharmaine Johnson

Trap Queen explains the reason with sharing her story

Thursday night was full of transparency tea at the screening of BET+’s American Gangster: Trap Queens at Fountain LA. The screening showed episode 8 of season 3 based on the story of LA legend Pam Driskel. Now if you aren’t hip to the show here’s some background tea to catch you up. AG Trap Queens is a true-crime docu-series that takes a look at the rise and fall of infamous female criminals in America, featuring interviews with the queen pins themselves and the people who knew them best.

This trap queen is special because she hails from the streets of Compton but now she isn’t in the streets, she serves them. “The reason that I did the show is not that I wanted the world to know about my ugly past but because it's a lot to learn from.” As we entered Fountain LA to view the episode emotions ran high at certain points of the episode as we learned more about the abuse she experienced from her family and significant other, her experience with teen pregnancy, homelessness, and escaping death. “A lot of people think that you have to be a certain type of person to get in trouble. They don’t understand that it’s a part of the American format, we come from places where it's hard and you struggle.” After viewing the episode she continued to share meaningful tea with us about transitioning her skills from the trap into legitimate business, “The bottom line is we have skills that we don’t understand and we just have to figure out where they fit in everything”. It was a very heartwarming and inspiring story about going from negative to positive, make sure you tap into BET+ and check it out. During the red carpet and throughout the screening I got the chance to spill the tea with Trap Queens Pam Driskel and Dwen Curry, Big U, Watts Homie Quan, and more. Check out the link below for the full cup of tea: American Gangsta: Trap Queens Tea w/ Pam Driskel, Big U, Watts Homie Quan, Dwen Curry, and Saaphyri

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