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Toni Breidinger breaks NASCAR history

Daytona, FL- Toni Breidinger, who is a 21 year driver will break NASCAR history with becoming the first Arab woman to drive in a race.

Breidinger has received a lot of praise with breaking barriers for women in NASCAR and she is optimistic that other women will have more chances to race. I'm honored and excited to be the first, but I don't want to be the last." said Breidinger. "It's been one of my dreams to have the chance to race, and to have that dream come true is absolutely unreal."

This week, Breidinger will be racing in Daytona, which is the biggest race in her life and career. She is nervous and excited at the chance to be doing something that she loves doing. “Daytona is going to be the biggest race of my career, but I’m ready for it,” Breidinger said before her debut. “It’s going to be a competitive race, but I know that the Young’s Motorsports team will prepare me a fast race car and we can contend for a top 10 finish. That is our goal, a top 10 finish.”

Breidinger's story is inspiring. With everything that she had to overcome, she is now living her American dream.

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