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Tiger Woods is back and the buzz about the Masters are back

Who would have thought Tiger Woods would return to the green this week and not just any green but the Maters? After getting into a really bad accident last year, it looked Tiger was going to retire his clubs. Media, close friends, and relatives of Woods said that the injuries he sustained in the car crash could potentially force him to retire. I guess Woods heard the critics and wanted to prove everyone wrong again.

Prior to the Maters, there was a rumor circling around the world saying Woods could make his return at Augusta. The rumor became a reality , which brought in more viewers and ratings to CBS. Woods started his coming out party on Thursday and shot pretty well for the last two days. After shooting a 71 and 74 on both days, putting his score 1 over par. Woods was very optimistic about the score, but said that he needed to get a lot of treatment to compete this weekend. "Lots of treatments, lots of ice, lots of ice baths, just basically freezing myself to death,” Woods said.

While Woods is the biggest story coming out of Augusta. Top leaders like Scottie Scheffler, Shane Lowry, and Hideki Matsuyama have been putting on a show, but it seems like nobody is really talking about them. The weekend is here now and things are starting to heat up on the green, which makes it must see t.v.

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