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Thursday Night Football goes out in a bang to end the year

Los Angles- Ratings increased for the Thursday Night Football crew, making it the largest viewing seeing 2015

At the start of the season, there were so many intriguing match-ups that Thursday Night Football would broadcast that would have fans tuning in. The broadcast started opening night with a thrilling game against the Dallas Cowboys and the Tampa Bay Bucs. Thus, adding more rating for weeks to come. The network did not disappoint and had their largest ratings since 2015.

The network averaged 16.4 million viewers across all platforms, including FOX, NFL Network, Prime Video, FOX Deportes, NFL digital, FOX Sports digital, Twitch and Yahoo Sports mobile properties – making it the highest Thursday Night Football season average since 2015 (17.7 million, CBS and NFL Network).

Maybe it was the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic storm or the fact that the appreciation of the sport was back, but football was back and viewers helped increased the magnitude of it.

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