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Ping Pong
  • Alex Seccia


On October 16 the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn New York hosted fight night under TrillerVerz III.

A night mixed with high intensity fighting, entertainment, and music,Triller hosted four powerful fights all arousing intense reactions from their fans. The night opened up with a unanimous decision victory by Cesar Francis and ended with a KO victory by fan favorite Cletus Seldin. Out of the four fights for the night, Cesar was the only one to go the distance with every other fight winning by way of KO/TKO.

Amongst the hype behind the fight a lot of celebrities were in attendance. With performances by Wyclef Jean, Kranium, and more after the fight. Artists like KRS-ONE and SwizzBeats made appearances. Wyclef continued to pack the arena post fight for his stellar performance mixed with different artists, roaming amongst the fans, doing handstands, and paying tribute to iconic legends that aren't with us today like DMX and Whitney Houston.

Wyclef showcased his versatility by playing guitar, singing/ rapping, and mixing some older groups like The Fugees in his performance. With millions watching at home and a packed out arena Triller did nothing but showcase a thriller for everyone wacthing

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