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  • Kim Dillinger

The Twins have the Yankees number

The Yankees returned home but took a big lost Thursday night against against the Twins 11-0. New York had a nice hitting streak going into the game, but was ice cold from the jump. What a terrible way to come back home to the BX. Minnesota scored nine home runs in the first inning, which led them to their victory.

Yankees fans were quite upset at the lost. I spoke to a fan who is originally from the New York area ,who attended the game and was very disappointed with the outcome. This was the first time she was in New York after the pandemic and was extremely excited to support her team. She did not get the outcome that she expected and like all other fans who were at the game, booed their team at their lackluster effort.

Aaron Boone, who is New York's manager was quite disappointed himself. After winning the first four series this came as a shocker.

Aaron Judge and Staton tried to wipe away the losing stench in the next game. They did everything they could and hit homeruns making it the 28th time for the season but wasn’t enough to win the game.The Yankees got defeated once again by the twins a 4-3 which makes it 2-0.

Twins Louie Varland had career highlights in his sixth major league start made a career highs in innings pitched and strikeouts. The twins have improved this season by 10-4 in their 14 games. With two more games in between the Yankees and Twins Yankee fans are hoping for wins in the last two.

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