• Will Stein

The Thanksgiving Blues NFL Edition

We have three NFL Matchups today and all the matchups have at least one team with a shade of Blue in their logo. We have the Detroit Lions in Honolulu Blue, the Chicago Bears in Navy Blue, The Dallas Cowboys in Navy Blue, and the Buffalo Bills in Navy Blue.

Let’s start with the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions. The Lions always feel blue because well they’re the Lions and they haven’t won a game yet. The only good news for them at this point is that they won’t go 0-17 which is guaranteed. Every Thanksgiving there’s hope as the Blue Crew and the Tubgaters take out the hot tub regardless of the record for the Detroit Lions. Perhaps this is the curse of the Eastern Market being vacant, who knows. Chicago isn’t doing much better as most Bears fans want Matt Nagy out of the Windy City. Perhaps it’s time for a new Wind path as early as after the game today. For at least one day the Lions can be the talk of the NFL. Expect DeAndre Swift to have a Monster game as the Bears are Mackless. Final 27-20 Detroit.

Secondly, we have the Raiders and the Cowboys. The Raiders have been between a couple controversial circumstances this year. You have the Jon Gruden email scandal that happened earlier in the year, as well as Henry Ruggs with his DUI going 156 mph which ultimately cost him his career and his freedom. The Cowboys coming off a beat down against the Chiefs seems poised for a home bounce back victory against the Raiders. With the attention going towards Lamb especially with Cooper out due to COVID 19, I expect a big game. For the most part the Raiders have been doing ok with their interim head coach Rich Bisaccia, however this game is big for them if they want to stay in the thick of things in the AFC West. It will be closer than you think 34-31 Cowboys.

Finally we have the Buffalo Bills and the New Orleans Saints. Saints fans when they see Stefan Diggs they immediately think “Not Again”. Buffalo has struggled recently with recent losses to Jacksonville and Indianapolis. As long as the Saints face Stefan Diggs they will continue to be HAUNTED. Josh Allen or Trevor Siemian???? Please! Buffalo gets the win 31-24.

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