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The talent is there, but can the Jaguars win games

Jacksonsville, FL- The Jaguars suffer another blow to their ego and their season, as they were defeated by the Houston Texans, 30-14.

The Jaguars have a good quarterback in Gardner Minshew. Despite the loss to the Texans, he threw for 301 yards with 2 touchdowns. The problem is not the offense, but the Jaguars' defense. They have struggled to keep opposing quarterbacks out of the endzone, as well as find the heartbeat of the defense. Collectively, the Jaguars are ranked 28th in NFL power rankings, but have loads of talent on both sides of the ball.

James Robinson, Laviska Shenault Jr. and Minshew are play makers on the offensive side of the ball. Robinson has shown that he can run between the tackles and get extra yards when needed. He is quick and runs with authority. Sheanault has broken out this season and has been Minshew number one target to go to. He is very exciting to watch. Sheanault has talented route running ability, can catch balls, and is very reliable when his team needs a big play down the field. Minshew is a gutsy quarterback that leaves everything on the field. He can launch the ball down the field, has improved with getting the ball to his check down player, and can use his legs to extend plays when needed.

On the defensive end, Jarrod Wilson is growing in his position at safety. Wilson had an interception in Sunday's game, but was disappointed that his team did not get the victory.

"Well, obviously we’ve only won one game and that was the first one of the year, so we’ve just got to find a way. We’ve been in every ball game. There hasn’t been a football game that well, Miami, may be a little different, but as far as the last couple games we’ve been in the ballgame," said Wilson." It comes down to a couple possessions. So really it’s just execution and being on the details and everything. As far as effort, guys are showing up on Sunday ready to play. It’s just really trying to find that way to come out with a W at the end of the day.”

Something is missing with the Jaguars and they need to figure it before they dig themselves in a huge hole that they can not get out. Even though, they have been struggling, they are tied with the Houston Texans with a 1-4 record and are three games back from the Titans. If they can string together some wins in the next couple of weeks, they could make some noise in the division.

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