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  • Tarrian Rodgers

“The Takeover” complete as Teofimo Lopez recaptures gold

Just a few years ago Teofimo Lopez was labeled the face of boxing. He became one of boxing's youngest champions after once holding the undisputed champion at 135 pounds winning in convincing fashion against hall of fame fighter Vasyl Lomachencko. After Lopez's life changing win he hit a downward spiral facing a health scare and a public legal battle with his wife. Lopez’s life is well documented; he's one of the most open fighters in the game. Despite all the life turmoil Lopez decided to keep fighting and eventually lost his belt to heavy underdog George Kamboses.

It was a two-year journey for Lopez to initiate and live up to his nickname “The Takeover” Saturday the takeover was in full effect where Lopez became the WBO welterweight champion defeating former champ Josh Taylor. Lopez's confidence overwhelmed Taylor; it seemed as if Lopez got his spunk back in the ring. Lopez increased his aggression all throughout the fight. This was the confident, charismatic Lopez, that made him the world champ a few years ago. There was a period in the seventh round after Taylor missed a punch badly in a taunt as if to say, “yeah, dude, you're not beating me tonight.”

Lopez raised his arms after the 11th round knowing he won. It was a clear victory in most observers' eyes. However, two of three scorecards had the fight 115-113 instead of the more realistic 117-111. After the fight Lopez was non-committal about his career. He celebrated and danced and seemed in great demeanor taking back the mantle of being a boxing champ. He also has an even greater fight outside the ring.

"I was with somebody for five years. They gave me a hard time," Lopez said. "And really screwed me up mentally, but I can't really express too much because we're going through the legal and custody purposes right now. But that's my next battle right now. Fighting for my kid."

Lopez for 12 rounds put his personal life aside and he proved to himself that when he’s on his A game he is still one of the best boxers in the world. As the 25-year-old put on a masterclass. Lopez showed if he still wanted to he could have a long prosperous career. However, he still hinted at retirement.

"I need to take a break," Lopez said. "I'm tired of everybody bullying me. I'm young. I'm a kid, too, at heart. I think y'all need to go after the Devin Haneys, the Shakurs, the Tyson Furys and all that."

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