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The Rams lose Matthew Stafford in much needed game against the Saints

After finding out Cooper Kupp was going to be out the line-up, potentially for the rest of the season with an ankle injury. A lot of people question where they would find any offense, since their superstar was out against the Saints. Welp, I guess the NFL God's cursed the Rams, because not only did they struggle to find any rhythm until late in the game, but Matthew Stafford had to leave the game, due to a concussion.

Bryce Perkins stepped up to the plate, but Sean McVay tried to keep everything simple for the back-up QB and wanted to take a more conservative route with keeping the ball on the ground. After being scoreless for a quarter, the Rams got a much-needed score to cut the Saints' lead to one possession. With a second string QB and potentially the season on the line, Perkins tried to issue a comeback, but the Saints' defense kept the young man on his toes and on the ground.

LA went on to lose the game 27-20, but it is not the game that they lost. It may have been their last act of trying to make a decent chase to get into the playoffs. The Rams sit at 3-7, with their division in the hands of the flying Seahawks, who are 6-4 at the moment. These next couple of weeks will be very crucial for the Rams and their fight to the playoffs.

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