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The quarterback carousel continues in Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL- The Jaguars have not named a starter this week yet and will wait until the holidays are over to name a starter against the Chicago Bears.

Since the Jaguars bye week, they have played tag a new quarterback in each week. Last week Gardner Minshew got the start against the Baltimore Ravens and had a very long day. Despite Minshew passing for 226 yards and 2 touchdowns, the Jaguars got beat pretty bad, 40-14.

The Jaguars have not found themselves a quarterback that can consistently be a threat down the field and to opponents. However, the Jags have lucked up, as the New York Jets stunned the Los Angeles Rams last week, pulling the 23-20 upset. With the win, Jacksonville found themselves in a unique situation with potentially getting Clemson's QB Trevor Lawrence in the 2021 NFL Draft.

However, Jacksonville's head coach Doug Marrone is not paying attention to all of the noise and rumors around Trevor and wants his players to compete. This week In a virtual media conference, Marrone told members of the media that he will break down Mike Glennon and Minshew's reps and make a decision based on that on who to start.

“What we’re doing is we told both players, Mike Glennon and Gardner Minshew we’re going to split the reps and see how practice goes. We’re doing that in a couple different positions. They’re not the only position. We’re looking at some other players and saying, ‘Hey, whoever has the best week of practice will play and make sure we get the right guy out there that can give us a great shot with winning a game."

With the Jags' season coming to an end, there is a lot of uncertainty in the organization with who will be staying and who will be leaving, but Marrone wants his team to stay upbeat and optimistic for the remainder of the season.


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