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The offensive nightmare continues for the Suns

Vegas- The Phoenix Suns could not get their offense rolling against the Utah Jazz and dropped another game in Summer League, 63-57.

After not finishing off the Los Angeles Lakers in their Summer league debut, the Phoenix Suns wanted to avenge their loss and take it out on the Utah Jazz. In the first half, the Suns started out very slow again. Before they hit their first shot of the game, Phoenix want 0-6 from the field. Their struggles continued in the first and at the end of the quarter they only had 11 points to their name.

The paced picked up a bit in the second. Phoenix finally got their offense rolling in transition and getting into the offense early on instead of forcing up shots late in the shot clock. They started the second 3 out of 6 from the field, but towards the end of the quarter, they could not make a shot to save their lives. Despite being down by nine at the half, Ty-Shon Alexander was leading all scorers with nine points.

At the start of the second half, the Suns struggles seemed to be endless. They missed wide open dunks, wide open shots, and was not taking advantage of second and third chances on the offensive boards. With under five minutes left in the third, Utah's double digit lead completely disappeared. Despite cutting Utah's lead to six, Utah went on a 8-2 run to go back up double digits at the end of the third.

Phoenix could not get it rolling in the fourth and eventually went on to lose their second game in Summer League play.

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