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The Jags blow a second half lead to lose to the Bengals 24-21

Jacksonville, FL- The Jags were defeated by the Bengals 24-21.

With their backs against the wall, the Jacksonville Jaguars wanted to shut the critics up and pull out a win against the Bengals. Trevor Lawrence got the ball rolling with a few good plays on the Jags' opening drive, which set up James Robinson for a eight-yard touchdown run. After their opening drive, the Jags' offense sputtered a bit until Robinson busted through the Bengals' secondary with a 20-yard run with nine-minutes left in the second. Robinson's run put the Jags in the redzone and Lawrence did the rest. One a third and short, Lawrence kept the ball on a keeper and skimmed into the endzone, extending the Jags' lead midway in the second, 14-0.

Lawrence was not done with the Bengals. Before halftime, he threw a 50-yard bomb to put Jacksonville right back in striking distance to pick up more points. Urban Meyer decided to roll the dice and go for it on a fourth and goal at the one yard line. Lawrence decided to keep the ball on a keeper and was stopped short of the goal-line. The Jags walked into the locker run up 14-0.

Things got interesting in the second half. The Jags blinked twice and saw their lead disappear to ashes after the Bengals scored twice early in the third. After converting on a fourth and short, seven plays later, Jacksonville found themselves in the endzone to go up 21-14. The Bengals punched right back and hit the Jags with a haymaker touchdown of their own, which tied the game up early in the fourth.

Crucial penalties haunted the Jags late in the game. Trying to get the Bengals off the field on a third and long, Jacksonville was flagged for a PI, which gave the Bengals' life. A couple plays later, the Bengals kicked a game wining field goal to break the Jags' heart.


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