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The bright light shines on TEAK Fellowship

Tis is the season to acknowledge and highlight nonprofit organizations that are doing phenomenal things in their communities. A nonprofit organization that we will be highlighting will be the TEAK Fellowship. This nonprofit organization helps low-income NYC students access the most competitive, top-tier high schools and colleges across the country. They give hope and confidence to others who are a bit low on those factors because of their financial situation.

In October, this organization held their 25th anniversary where certain familiar faces were honored and recognized for their help with the foundation Lin-Manuel Miranda and Luis A. Miranda, Jr. were honored for their partnership in educational excellence and sparking creativity for TEAK Fellows, Robert S. Kaplan, TEAK Founding Board Co-Chair / Co-Chair, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation / Former President & CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas for visionary leadership in helping to create and lead The TEAK Fellowship and Lone Pine Foundation was recognized for removing economic barriers through education.

The event was great, but what was better was the fact that education and the inspiring stories behind the scenes was heard.

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