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The bell doesn't ring for the Phillies as their time ran out against the D-Backs in a Game 7.

The door hit Philadelphia in the face as they couldn't slam the door on the D-Backs in Game 6 and now the pressure was on them as they were in a winner take all game. Throughout the postseason, Philadelphia was the hottest team swinging their bats and now they would need to depend on their offense to bring them home to another World Series appearance.

Down by a run, Alec Bohm smashed a homer down left to get the Phillies on the scoreboard. in the second inning and got their crowd into it. I guess Philadelphia was like screw it and was the aggressors with chasing the ball down on the first pitch, instead of waiting. It worked out, because they scored another run to go up 2-1 in the fourth.

If you were a Phillies' fan, you were on the edge of your seat; each time it seemed like Philadelphia would take control of the game, Arizona would give them a shot of tequila with a running score. Philadelphia gave up two runs in the later innings and things looked very bleak for the hometown ball club. Philadelphia had their chances as they went 1/9 with runners on bases leading into the eighth. Arizona's pitchers just froze the hot hitting Phillies and went on to take the souls of the town and ball club as they shocked the world 4-2.

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