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  • Anthony Morrow

The 60th Annual WBC Convention had potential game changing news for the sport of boxing

This past week was an eventful week in Acapulco Mexico, which was the host for the 60th Annual WBC Convention. The events held at the WBC convention blended both business and pleasure with activities ranging from golf and cocktail parties to personnel training, ratings and other boxing business related discussions. Along with the festivities the WBC brought out legendary special guests, such as Roberto Duran, Larry Holmes, Floyd Mayweather and other influential contributors to the sport of boxing. The biggest news coming out of the convention was the announcement of the mandatory matchups to determine the next contender to challenge the current WBC title holders. WBC did their best Oprah impression handing out mandatories left and right “you get a mandatory, you get a mandatory, you get a mandatory, everyone gets a mandatory”. The list of matchups the WBC has ordered would indeed restore the consumers' trust if the fights actually get made sooner rather than years later.

When the news became public, it was like dangling a tomahawk steak in front of a pack of wolves for the true boxing fans. The PBC critics on the other hand are hoping either the fights don’t get made, they’re not competitive and unentertaining, or unsuccessful financially. If PBC is successful at booking these matchups, their relationship with Showtime who is now apart of the paramount + conglomerate will be off to a great start as business partners. Notable fights ordered by the WBC committee: Wilder v Ruiz Spence v Thurman Benavidez v Plant Cruz v Shakur Teofimo v S.Martin Fondura v Harrison Fulton v Figueroa II

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