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The 2022 Tribeca Film Festival will return in June

New York- On Tuesday, the event coordinator for the Tribeca Film Festival announced the new dates for next year.

Usually the festival is in late April, but this year it was pushed back because of the global pandemic. The event coordinator from the festival apparently liked the new dates in June and decided to stick with those dates for the upcoming year. Submissions for the 2022 Festival will open September 20, 2021 for all categories including: feature and short films, episodic storytelling (Tribeca NOW), immersive, podcasts, online premieres, and branded entertainment (Tribeca X).

“We’re excited to welcome back creators from all mediums, entertainers and our audiences for another memorable experience,” said Paula Weinstein, Chief Content Officer of Tribeca Enterprises. “In 2022 we look forward to creating new ways to enjoy their work across New York’s unbeatable options of theatres, parks, rooftops and other innovative venues across the city.”

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