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  • Tarrian Rodgers

Terrence Crawford drops Shawn Porter twice in the 10th for a TKO victory

Terrence Crawford was more game than ever in his 10th round victory over his toughest opponent to date in former world champion Shawn Porter. Crawford dropped Shawn Porter twice in the 10th round of a closely fought battle. After the second knockdown, Porter’s father/trainer, Kenny Porter, climbed the steps and asked referee Celestino Ruiz to stop the fight.

“He's doing what he knows he needs to do," Porter said. "I didn't expect that. We've never had a conversation about that. We've always had an unspoken understanding that if he sees what he needs to see, he'll do what he has to do. ... The punches were catching me too clean and my dad saw that." After the fight Porter announced his retirement to the media. Porter’s legacy as a former world champion and a man that has fought everyone in the sport is solidified.

As for Terrence “Bud” Crawford he remained undefeated with his ninth consecutive stoppage. Porter’s early pressure forced Crawford to lift his game. Crawford retained the WBO welterweight title Saturday after a stoppage in 1:21 of the 10th. Porter fought a consistent fight but Crawford landed early often and hard. Crawford adjusted to Porter’s early pressure by switching to southpaw. Crawford hit Porter with a straight left hand. Porter was clearly buzzed, and hurt when he got up.

Crawford didn’t dominate many of the rounds like he so often has done, but he was patient and disciplined. "I know I caught him with a good uppercut," Crawford said. "When I caught him with another left hook, I saw it in his face that he was real hurt. His dad did the right thing by stopping it. I was coming with a vengeance."

Attention now turns to Crawford's next bout. He was long locked out of the best available fights at welterweight by his association with Top Rank while the other top 147-pound fighters fought for PBC. Crawford announced himself at the press conference that he has severed ties with Top Rank and will become a free agent. Many believe the fight with Errol Spence is the one that’s on the horizon. Which is the closest thing to a super fight in boxing.

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