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Television Humanitarian Awards go live Sept.18

Los Angeles- The Television Humanitarian Awards will broadcast live Saturday, September 18.

Emmys' week has been hit hard with the on-going pandemic and all of the safety precautions that everyone involved has to be aware of, so this year the Television Humanitarian Awards will be a much smaller and intimate crowd.

Going into its seventh year, the THA will honor those in the entertainment field that has given back to their community in a positive manner. This year, Alex Borstein, Yvette Nicole Brown, Padma Lakshmi, Mj Rodriguez, and Brittany Snow will all be honored for their influence not only to the industry, but around the globe.

“The stars honored at The Creative Coalition’s TV Humanitarian Awards represent some of today’s most impactful artists using their platforms to move positive change forward,” said The Creative Coalition CEO Robin Bronk. “In the wake of the pandemic, it’s now more important than ever that we seize on the power of the arts to make a difference — and The Creative Coalition will continue to lead the way.”


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