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Take a picture, the Cleveland Browns defeat the Steelers to earn a playoff berth 24-22

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Cleveland- Baker Mayfield and crew defeats the Steelers 24-22.

The Browns needed a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in order to get into the playoffs. Cleveland struck gold first, as Nick Chubb bounced to the outside and hit the speed burners for a 47-touchdown run to go atop of the Steelers, 7-0.

At the start of the second quarter, Baker Mayfield started to test the Steelers' defense. Mayfield launched a 42-bomb to Rashard Higgins to put the Browns in scoring position. A few plays later, the Browns had to settle for a 23-yard field goal, which made it a 10-0 game.

The Browns' defense stopped the Steelers twice from scoring a touchdown on different possessions and forced them to kick field goals to cut their lead to four at the end of the half, 10-6.

At the start of the second half, the Browns' defense stopped another potential touchdown drive and forced the Steelers to kick their third field goal of the game to make it a one point game, 10-9.

On the ensuing possession, Mayfield hit a couple of his receivers for big gains down the field and scampered for a 25-yard run to put his team in the redzone. A couple plays later, Mayfield throws the money ball to Austin Hooper for a two-yard touchdown to extend their lead 17-9.

With under two minutes left in regulation, the Browns allowed the Steelers to score a touchdown. Pittsburgh did not convert on the two-point conversion. Cleveland was clinging onto a two-point lead, 24-22.

Cleveland ran out the the clock and went onto pull out the victory against the Steelers.


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