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Super Bowl 56 media week will be very different this year

Los Angeles- With two new strains of COVID-19, the NFL has decided to move forward with Super Bowl, meaning the show must go on.

Last year, media week's buzz was killed by the pandemic and everything was pretty much virtual. This year, there will be a little safety net for live, as well as virtual presser that media can attend. Instead of flying in on Sunday, the two Super Bowl teams will fly out Thursday and will have their media pressers on Friday at the stadium. The NFL will abide by the CDC guidelines to make sure each member will be safe and comfortable.

Before the pandemic,media week was filled with members of the media running around, creating their own storylines and building up the buzz to Super Bowl. For the last two years, the buzz around Super Bowl has been filled with protests, petitions, and a silence of the unknown. Hopefully, with members of the media back, there will be some type of excitement to ease the pain around the globe.

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