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Stars come together at the Baby2Baby 10 year gala presented by Paul Mitchell

Los Angeles- This past weekend, Kerry Washington, Jessica Alba, and others celebrated Baby2Baby 10th gala anniversary.

The Baby2Baby organization is known for its contribution with helping children in poverty get their needs fulfilled with books, positive guidance, and everything they need in order to be successful in their journey. The night was filled with inspiring stories shared from individuals who contributed to the growth of the organization. Washington, who was one of the Giving Tree Awards Honorees shared a personal message of what the organization meant to her.

“I come to you not just as a Baby2Baby Angel, but as a kid from the Bronx who knows too well that were it not for the grace of God in my life, things could have been very different for me...Our country’s systems do not do enough to support [families living in poverty], so we must come together to ensure that every family and child has access to the basic necessities they deserve. Without the essentials that Baby2Baby provides, families are unable to care for their children while keeping a roof over their heads. They are stuck in a vicious cycle and without support, it is almost impossible to break.”

Vanessa Bryant was awarded with the Giving Tree Award and had this to say about the honor. “I have to start by saying how much I miss my perfect date tonight. My husband Kobe loved attending Baby2Baby Galas. With his big smile, he would look at me and say, ‘Babe, this is freaking awesome. Tonight I'm your +1!’". He would say It’s the one event I’m not obligated to do anything. I get to be your date, help families and enjoy great food!’”

Bryant went on to say, “As parents, all we want is for our children to be safe, healthy and give them opportunities we didn’t have...As challenging as the past 20 months have been for everyone, they have been even harder for these low- income or homeless families in need who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, losing jobs, homes and family members at very high rates. It's these families and their children that need us the most, ever more so now and even tomorrow and the next day. We, as a team, can come together to continue to help Baby2Baby supply them with the essentials they need.”

The gala raised a record breaking $8.5 million for the foundation. “The Baby2Baby 10 Year Gala” was presented by title sponsor Paul Mitchell. Additional sponsors included Tiffany & Co., City National Bank, Volvo Car USA and Prada.

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