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Sports Legends competing in Annexus Pro-Am at the WM Phoenix Open

Emmitt Smith, Michael Phelps, and Albert Pujols are among many different celebrities, who are competing in the Pro Am at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

With one of the amazing tours in Phoenix, as well as Super Bowl week, what more can fans say about the upcoming Phoenix Open. “The Annexus Pro-Am is a highly-anticipated event for our fans every year, and we have high expectations of world-class celebrities and athletes making a special appearance with the Super Bowl in town,” said 2023 Tournament Chairman Pat Williams. “We are thrilled to announce the start of what will be an amazing Pro-Am field of star-studded athletes and celebrities heading into tournament week.”

The Pro-AM will kick off an amazing week of great golf. Tee times for the Annexus Pro-Am will start around 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Exact tee times for participants will be announced on Tuesday, Feb. 7 on website, along with a complete list of celebrities and PGA TOUR players in the field.

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