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  • Brandon Harley

U.S. Integrity partners up with LIV Golf

U.S. Integrity, a leading sports integrity company, has announced a partnership with LIV Golf. The partnership will provide monitoring, compliance, and education services for the growing sports gaming industry. This partnership will help ensure fair and transparent practices within the sports gaming world, promoting integrity and protecting the rights of athletes and fans alike. With the increasing popularity of sports betting, it is crucial to have strong measures in place to prevent fraud and maintain the integrity of the games we love.

"We are thrilled to partner with LIV Golf to further advance sports betting integrity. By integrating ProhiBet's state-of-the-art encrypted data transfer system with LIV Golf's dedication to maintaining operations integrity, we are confident in our ability to enhance transparency and reliability within the industry," stated Matt Holt, the Founder and CEO of U.S. Integrity.

The LIV Golf brand is owned and operated by LIV Golf Investments, a company out of Chicago whose vision and mission are focused on making holistic and sustainable investments in order to enhance the global golf ecosystem and unlock the sport's untapped global potential.

Here is some background information on LIV Golf for those who are unfamiliar.

LIV Golf offers individual and team competition, a 14-tournament schedule, and some of the best golfers in the world. Founded in 2022, LIV Golf's mission is to expand the game on an international scale and unleash the sport's full economic and societal potential. Greg Norman, a Hall of Fame golfer and businessman, is the league's first and founding CEO and commissioner. In less than two years, LIV Golf has held tournaments throughout North and Latin Americas, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Europe, proving that fans and golfers alike can make the game better.


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