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  • Eric Martinez

DAZN Enhances ‘Home of Women’s Football’ position with ATA Football Deal

DAZN Group has completed the acquisition of ATA Football. ATA is a platform that brings together premium live and curated women’s football content and connects it to fans and players of the game from broadcast distribution through to direct engagement with the grassroots. The global impact that DAZN has committed to women’s sports spotlighted by women’s football is significant with a targeted strategy. Partnering with YouTube to develop UEFA Women’s Champions League and the creation of bespoke FAST channels has trail blazed distribution deals, and multiple commercial propositions. DAZN continues with an ambitious approach to broadcasting and streaming women’s football that will be unrivalled.

ATA Football will now help increase visibility for DAZN and grow the status to be known as ‘Home of Women’s Football’. The vision to broadcast competitions on DAZN are now available including: UWCL, LigaF, Frauen Bundesliga and many more to come. For women’s football, the newly announced acquisition will translate to higher viewer ratings, higher attendances, and lucrative sponsorship deals. Over the last few years, the rise of women’s football in storied clubs of Europe (FC Barcelona, Chelsea, PSG, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich) have led to rapid development and investment interests that will help grow the sport. An extraordinary opportunity to build a truly global women’s football business is the plan of the future, and DAZN has secured the first step to the next step in the process.

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