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Soto takes home 2022 Home Run Derby crown

Los Angeles- Juan Soto comes back late to edge out Julio Rodriquez for the 2022 Home Run Derby crown.

For the last few years, the Home Run Derby set the tone and the mood of All Star weekend for the MLB. This year's Derby was pretty much like the recent ones, filled with jaw dropping intensity, laughter, and amazing moments. Soto had to overcome a hotter than fish grease Rodriquez, who was hitting any and everything out the park. Rodriquez had over 30 homers in separate rounds.

After getting over his opponents and reaching the finals, Soto was gased and decided to take a timeout, after being down a couple of runs. The timeout helped Soto come out of his hitting slump and connected on his last few hits to cut Rodriquez's lead to three, 18-15. In the bonus round, Soto hit four home runs to end the game and shock Rodriquez. After it was all said and done, Soto had this to say about Rodriquez.

“We used to play Call of Duty all the time together,” Rodríguez said. “It was pretty cool going up against him.”

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