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  • Tarrian Rodgers

Social media star Jake Paul finally silenced in first boxing defeat

One of the biggest questions in Youtuber turned pro boxer Jake Paul’s boxing career is, what would happen when he finally faces a fighter with “real” boxing experience. Those questions were finally answered Sunday live from Diriyah, Saudi Arabia when Paul took on the younger brother of heavyweight kingpin Tyson Fury, TommyFury. Going into the fight the 23 year old had a career record of 8-0 with 4 KO’s while he fit the billing of being an actual boxer Sunday was his first opportunity to get a signature win taking on the ever controversial Jake Paul. When the bell rang Fury came out far more aggressive than he had in past fights, bringing the fight right to Paul from the opening bell. The fight was fought in close proximity as both fighters engaged in dirty boxing punching each other in the clinch. Those clinches were a major storyline in the fight with both men grabbing excessively enough that the referee began to play a bigger role as the fight wore on. After multiple warnings, the referee took a point from Paul in the fifth round. Then, he deducted a point from Fury in the sixth. Fury being the better boxer played a huge role in how this fight played out. Fury never panicked for the big shot; he remained calm and measured and controlled the pace of the fight with his jab. Paul was able to cut the deficit when he stepped forward, knocking Fury off balance just enough that he touched the canvas for a knockdown. Fury was not badly hurt, in fact Fury protested the knock down explaining to the referee that he was tripped. Fury stormed back and added extra offense to try to narrow that 10-8 deficit he suffered. The addition of a 10-8 round in favor of Paul added a bit of extra drama. Despite the knockdown, Fury took the split decision by two cards of 76-73 Paul was able to sway a judge 75-74. "For the past two years, this is all that has consumed my life. Broken rib. Denied access. Everybody thought I was running scared. Tonight, I made my own legacy. I am Tommy Fury," Fury said after the fight. All through these past two years, I had a dream and a vision that I would win this fight. And no one believed me. Now I can stand up and everybody can take note. It's my first main event at 23 years old. I had pressure on my shoulders, and I came through." The fight had very one sided negotiations had Tommy Fury would have lost he would have not been given a direct rematch since Paul lost he has a rematch clause. Fury acknowledged his willingness to honor the rematch claiming this was his biggest fight and first main event in his short career. Paul acknowledged his defeat. "All respect to Tommy, he won," Paul said. "Don't judge me by my wins, judge me by my losses. We deserve that rematch. I don't know that I agree [with the scorecards]. I got a 10-8 round twice. ... So, this is definitely a humbling experience. I'll take it on the chin and we can run it back."

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