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Ping Pong
  • Will Stein

Showtime produces Jam Packed Boxing in the Twin Cities

MINNEAPOLIS-Showtime Saturday Night Boxing brings you to the Frigid North as we have a group of warriors ready for Battle. With 10 matches in total Showtime Sports was prepared to create a full line-up for those that attended the match in Minneapolis on Saturday 3/26/2022. The venue was prepared for the crowd of 4394 people that were in attendance for the matches who were ready to see the unique line-up live as the crowd satisfied their Saturday Night watching championship boxing.

The main event featured Terrell Gausha vs Tim Tszyu. Interesting fact about Tszyu is that this was his first time fighting in the US. The New South Wales Australia native struggled early as he may have experienced some nerves with his American debut. Many people in the crowd were chanting USA as the crowd support seemed all in on Gausha. With Gausha being an Olympian in boxing there were certainly Olympic type moments with the USA chants. Eventually Tszyu credited his cardio training as he outlasted Gausha unanimously 114-113, 116-111, and 115-112 in the 12 round match. Tszyu won the fight, however he did admit after the fight was over that he can improve on everything as he continues his boxing journey. He also is anticipating a performance in Las Vegas in the near future. However Tszyu may still be a little raw as he continues to pursue his boxing career in the states.

Tszyu is attempting to establish his own legacy separate from his father. Having that type of a background will add pressure for you to be just like your father however his father had a different boxing style. As he becomes more involved in the American setting, it will help him establish his boxing style here in the states.

Other Boxing results include Michel Rivera defeating Joseph Adorno by Unanimous decision of 97-93. There were many hard hits that were struck on Adorno early at the beginning but Adorno held his ground to take the fight the full 10 rounds.

Elvis Rodriguez knocks out Juan Jose Velesco in Round 7 with 2:49 on the clock.

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