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Serena Williams shares spotlight with her daughter in fashion campaign

New York- Serena Williams and Alexis “Olympia” Ohanian Jr. show off in their first mother and daughter fashion campaign.

Williams and her daughter were showcasing the 2021 Footsteps to Follow design and it looked like Olympia was having fun shooting. Williams said that she love the idea of her and her daughter being in the campaign together.

"It’s a special campaign. I just felt like it was an opportunity because Olympia and I have been spending so much time together. Olympia is trying on my shoes all the time, it’s so fun — she loves to try them on and we play in them. I have a red pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes that she loves and there is the new Lyla style with a toe ring in leopard print that’s one of her favorites.”

The designs seemed very bold, thoughtful, and had a fun and creative style to it.

"I created this collection with an intentional, artful approach to design, engineering and craftsmanship," Edmundo Castillo, the brand's Global Head of Design, said in a statement shared with E! News. "The styles offer a renewed and emboldened sense of functionality and fashion to elevate the casual elegance of the modern woman."

Williams have stated that this will not be the last time viewers will see Olympia in campaigns or dresses. She has stated that Olympia loves to wear her heels and loves to play dress up when she can. The fashion bond that Williams and her daughter have is inseparable.

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