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Seattle's offense comes together a bit too late

Seattle- The Seahawks made a late comeback, but the Bucs went on to defeat Seattle 21-16.

The Seahawks are the surprising team that a lot of people did not expect to be a potential playoff team, while the Bucs look like the grinch stole their joy and pride. In a match-up between the two teams, which was played in Germany, which was the first NFL game played there. A lack of offense was displayed by the Seahawks in the first half. It was an awful and devasting half for the Hawks. Geno Smith had no time in the pocket and was crushed by the Bucs' d-line.

The Hawks O-line allowed Smith to be sacked three times, which messed up the confidence for the vet. Smith finished the half, throwing for 60-yards, while their ground game was non-existent. Seattle had only 15-yards, yes 15-yards on the ground in the entire half.

Seattle continued to struggle in the second half. Barely having the ball in their hands, because Tampa ate up the clock, Seattle had no answer for the running attack of the Bucs. Each time it seemed like their defense could get the ball back, Brady would convert on third downs. Down big and wanting some type of confidence late in the fourth, Seattle came through. In a blink of an eye, the Seahawks scored two touchdowns and cut the Bucs' lead to a 21-16 game. All they needed was to stop Brady to get the ball back and a score. Welp, Brady being the GOAT he is, was like NOPE! Brady led the Bucs down the field and took the soul out of the Seahawks with a couple of first downs to ice the game.

Smith finished 23 out of 33 for 275 yards

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