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  • Brandon Harley

Sean Payton talks about moving forward and finding a QB

Denver coach Sean Payton and GM George Paton spoke with the media today at the 2024 NFL Combine. There is no secret that the Broncos could be looking for another quarterback in the upcoming season.

When asked if there had been a decision made on QB Russell Wilson, coach Payton replied, "We will go through the combine week here." Next week—Tuesday or Wednesday—we’ll be in meetings with ownership, and I expect that we will know fairly quickly. I said at the Super Bowl, but I think more specifically, somewhere in the neighborhood of next week we’re going to [know]. There are a couple of factors here. Obviously, the cap projections came out and we’re further down the road with the draft class and pro free agents. I would expect it within the next two weeks.

Wilson also made headlines last week with his interview on Broncos former wide receiver Brandon Marshall's podcast. Payton was asked about this as well and said, "I did not hear the Brandon Marshall podcast.”

I feel like Denver will go in another direction at QB especially with the few issues Wilson and Payton had last year with the benching of Russell Wilson and Coach Payton saying he needs to stop being Hollywood and play football. I feel there is no coming back from that.

Broncos GM George Paton spoke on a number of things from draft to free agency to improving the defense and of course Russel Wilson. During his speech, he said one thing that caught my attention. When asked whether the team would be aggressive in the first round of free agency he said, "We're going to be strategic. "We’re not going to be as aggressive as last year. We have flexibility, but we’re going to just be more measured and try to fill specific positions and specific needs throughout the team. I feel like we’ll have the flexibility to do that, but we can’t do that every year and be aggressive like we were last year.” That was interesting since they went all in last year, but it is certainly worth watching.

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