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  • Tarrian Rodgers

Sean O’Malley stuns Aljamain Sterling becoming new bantamweight champion after thrilling KO

The Suga Show has arrived! UFC 292 will be a night that new UFC bantamweight champion Suga Sean O”Malley (17-1 MMA, 9-1 UFC) wil never forget. O”Malley called his shot walking into the ring in his first ever title match with Lupe Fiasco’s Superstar bumping in the background. The song fitting of O”Malley’s journey to superstardom. O”Malley may be one of the sport's most popular draws with his big pink hair and flashy persona. O”Malley was victorious after a big counter right hook that sent perhaps UFC’s greatest bantamweight champion of all time Aljamain Sterling (23-4 MMA, 15-4 UFC) crashing to the canvas. O”Malley landed the perfect shot. It was a fitting victory for O”Malley who is the most accurate puncher in the history of UFC’s bantamweight division.O'Malley landed 71% of his significant strikes against Sterling, moving his UFC bantamweight record for significant striking accuracy to 61.2%. Sterling's nine-fight winning streak was snapped with the loss. Sterling had won 10 straight fights, including three successful title defenses, heading into the main event in Boston this weekend. The plan for Sterling was moving up in weight to fight Alexander Volkanvoski if he had won. However, the Suga Show was in full effect and those plans may be derailed . For the new champ he immediately called his shot saying he would like to fight Marlon Vera in December in Vegas. Vera beat Pedro Munhoz earlier in the night. Also O”Malley has already beaten Vera in the past and the two have a spotty relationship. O”Malley can really do what he wants now. He’s the new champion and a marquee fighter that the UFC can build its brand behind similar to Connor McGregor. Not only was it a big win for O”Malley but it was a big win for UFC

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