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Scarlett Johansson will Receive the American Cinematheque Award this fall

Los Angeles- Scarlett Johansson will be recognized and honored with the American Cinematheque Award.

In November of this year, the American Cinematheque 35th gala will recognize Johansson's career as an actress,the roles she has played, and how she connects to her audience. American Cinematheque chair Rick Nicita had this to say about Johansson.

"Her immense talent has shone brightly from her movie debut as a child through her emergence as a megastar of blockbusters,” Nicita said in a statement Tuesday morning. “She has acted in adventurous independent films with cutting-edge directors. She has starred in the most commercial of franchises. She has taken leading roles and supporting roles in movies budgeted big and small. Whenever she graces the screen with her luminous presence, the audience knows that they will see a dedicated artist at the height of her powers. We can’t wait to share in the next phase of Scarlett Johansson’s marvelous career.”

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