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Ryan Blaney wins in Atlanta

Atlanta- Ryan Blaney pulls off the huge upset in Atlanta and took the checkered flag on Sunday.

Blaney worked his way up in the top 5 early on and positioned himself to potentially win the race with under 10 laps left. Kyle Larson, who dominated the entire race, saw his position change to second, as Blaney aggressively took the inside and did enough to gain first place position.

Blaney held on and went on to win. With Blaney taking the flag, it marked the sixth time this season that there was six different winners. “We had a great long-run car all day,” Blaney told Fox Sports after snapping a 28-race winless streak. “It took us a little bit to get going. I was pretty free all day. We made a really good change to tighten me up where I needed it, and it looked like Kyle was getting loose.

“I’m happy it worked in our favor that there was a couple long runs at the end that let us get there and that he got stood up behind some lapped traffic.”

Check out what Larson had to say about Blaney. “I think (Blaney) just got a lot better there that last stage and it kind of changed up my flow of the race a little bit,” he told Fox Sports. “I could get out to such a big lead and I could take care of my stuff and run the bottom, where it was maybe slower but I could take care of my tires.

"He was fast there and I just wanted to maintain that gap that I had, so I had to run on the faster part of the race track and just used my stuff up. … I don’t know if we got that much worse or if he just got way better. Like I said, it just changed the flow of my race.”

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