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Russell Wilson saves the day for the Broncos 21-17

The Russell Wilson criticism train continued as the Broncos took on the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. From being sacked to being off target with his receivers, the let's ride train halted once again. Wilson only had 116 yards through the air and one interception to show for in the first half. Despite, all the woes, Denver got a touchdown to cut the Jags' lead to three, before the break, 10-7.

Running the ball was what the Broncos was trying to establish in the second half. Prior to the half, Denver only had 38 yards, yes 38 yards., which kept the team pretty much vanilla and one dimensional. Running the ball, opened up the offense for Denver mid-way in the third. After a few running plays, Wilson got the Jags on their heels and threw a 30-yard strike to Greg Dulcich, which set Denver up for a potential score in the redzone. A play later, Wilson threw his first touchdown pass of the day to Jerry Jeudy to take the lead over Jacksonville, 14-10.

Trying to hang onto some type of positivity in the fourth, frustrations could be seen on a lot of players' faces for Denver. There were a couple of possessions where Wilson had a receiver or tight end open but did not take advantage of the opportunity or not converting on third downs. Their offense was not making plays and Denver's defense was just hanging on life support after the Jags scored a potential go ahead touchdown late in the game. With one gasp of breath, Wilson drove his team down the field, got into the redzone and the Broncos punched it in the endzone to win the game

Wilson finished the game 18 of 30 for 252 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception, and 16 yards on the ground.

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