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Richmond gives NCAA Tournament brackets a scare defeating Iowa 67-63

The NCAA men's basketball first round of the tournament started on Thursday and boy did the madness break a lot of fans' brackets around the globe. The Richmond Spiders stole the hearts of Iowa and their fans.

Let's take it to five minutes left in the second half. Iowa and Richmond were trading baskets and had six lead changes until a missed foul call helped the Spiders' escape. Kris Murray was going for a three point attempt, but Matt Grace hit his hand,, as the ball went out of bounds. The refs called it a block shot, but that was not the truth. On replay, you could see that Grace did foul Murray while he was in the shooting motion. The missed call was the key factor that put Iowa in the slumps.

After Iowa's misfortune, Richmond went on a 6-2 run to close out the game and shock the world. Richmond's two superstar Jacob Gilyard and Tyler Burton combined for 42 points in the victory. The Spiders will face Providence in the next round.

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