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Requirements for the 2022 Oscars are a bit confusing

With Covid-19 cases dropping at an alarming rate, states around the world have decided to pull back on face coverings, as well as disregarding vaccination cards. However, with the return of in-person attendance at the Oscars, things are a bit wild and confusing.

On Thursday, it was announced that nominees and guests have to show proof that they are vaccinated, while presenters and performers would have to take a negative test. With the announcement, there have been a back and forth discussion about the safety and concern with everyone who will be attending.the Awards.

Face covering requirements also will vary, the academy said. Nominees and their guests will be seated in different areas around the Dolby Theater and will not be required to wear masks. These attendees will be seated with more spacing than usual. The Dolby seats 3,317 people and 2,500 people will be invited, the academy stated. It will be pretty interesting to see if there will be a change in the requirements of attending or will it stay the same.

The Oscars will broadcast March 27 at 8 PM, ET.

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