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Ping Pong
  • Sharmaine Johnson

Rafi Lounge set’s a trend as the first outdoor wellness sanctuary and workspace!

If you’re in LA and want to enjoy a day of serenity, you have to visit the outdoor oasis known as Rafi Lounge in Malibu. As a members-only club, Rafi’s vision is to create multiple places in the world where members can come daily to relax and get their work done while enjoying the daily activities. Activities include wellness and fitness classes, healing arts, other inspiration, and uplifting modalities. The fitness classes consist of full-body workouts, breathwork with sound bowls, butterfly meditation, yoga, wellness workshops, and more!

I attended the Hollywood Power Women’s mixer hosted by Shantel Jackson and over 40 of the most powerful women in entertainment and media supporting the Arts. As a guest, we received complimentary mimosas upon arrival and were allowed to browse the facility as we pleased. The views were breathtaking and the vibes were so serene. I tried other specialty cocktails and had some delicious sushi and pizza. There was an amazing artist there who created 5D art from polaroid photos she took and gave me the tea on how she creates her pieces. Overall, my most memorable moments of the event were the butterfly garden and the Yin Temple, a mediation room. This place gives all the good vibes, you just have to go.

For a virtual TEA-cap check out the link below:

Hollywood Power Mixer at Raif Lounge Malibu

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