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Phillies stunned as the D-Backs force a Game 7

If you are an all-around Philadelphia fan, you are in sports heaven. The Flyers are finding their way early on in a very young NHL season, the Eagles are 6-1, and the Phillies had a chance to shut the door on the D-Backs to get to a second consecutive World Series.

Philadelphia faced a bit of adversity as the D-Backs were working their magic early on. Arizona scored three runs in the first inning and in a blink of an eye, Philadelphia was chasing the lead. J.T. Realmuto scored off Brandon Marsh's single to center field. Things intensified as pitcher Aaron Nola did his job with getting his team out of sticky situations. His curve ball caused a lot of problems for Arizona, but Ketel Marte was like hold my beer and slammed a ball deep right and helped Corbin Carroll score to give the D-Backs a commanding 4-1 lead at the top of the fifth.

Things continue to grow worse for Philadelphia as their bats went from a Summer in Dallas to New York's weather on New Years' eve. They just could not find their offense and it showed as they grow tight instead of playing free spirited. Say what you want but the pitchers for Arizona was on one and forced a winner take all series, as they take Game 6, 5-1

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