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Philadelphia keeps their undefeated record alive against the Steelers 35-13

After coming off a bye week, the Eagles looked ready to get back to business for a potential deep playoff run after having a phenomenal first half of their season. With being an undefeated team comes a lot of stress, expectations, and pressure and Jalen Hurt and crew have responded in a positive manner. Their first team that they would have to play coming off from the bye week was the Steelers, which was a potential trap game for Philadelphia.

Once again, Philadelphia put up over 20 points in the first half against an opponent this season. Jalen Hurts and AJ Brown hooked up for three touchdowns in two quarters. While the offense looked good, the defense locked up the Steelers to the point that Kenny Pickett had Tim Tebow type of numbers at the endo of break. The birds went into the locker room with a 21-10 lead and a little bit of a concern with how their offensive line was getting battered by the Steelers defense. It seemed like Hurts was on the ground each time he snapped the ball and that was something the Eagles wanted to adjust in the second half.

Eagles' fans had to hold their breaths for the next two quarters. Everyone who has watched the Eagles thus far this season knows that they can put up points in the first half, but the second half, they look like a new team getting a new identity.

Philadelphia was very conservative with keeping the ball on the ground and not really throwing the ball through the air. However, their defense scored a touchdown, and their offense came alive in the fourth to put the game ice.

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