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Peace by Chocolate review

New York- Peace by Chocolate is a tail of breaking tradition and finding what makes you happy in life.

In a brief summary of the film, Tareq Hadhad fled from his country, because of a war brewing. Hadhad and his family migrated to a small town in Canada where they had to adjust and adapt to their new normal. Tareq had to overcome a town that did not really have people that looked like him, so for a brief period of time it was uncomfortable for him.

When Tareq's father started making chocolate for the community and started to sell them in churches, a lot of people felt like the family should make this a business. A few investors helped Tareq's family out with getting a store. Everything was okay for awhile until Tareq had an internal conflict with himself. Could he follow his passion with going to school to be a doctor or stay in the family business.?

This film is very relatable, because people around the globe have these types of decisions that they have to make in ordered to feel like they have to have a purpose in life. It is a balance of trying to keep your families legacy within a company or going against the grain and doing something that you want to do. The film is very inspiring and teaches the value of breaking tradition to find your purpose in life.

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