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  • Tiffany Rigby

Own Network and Common partners with Discovery+ for upcoming docuseries

Discovery+ has given a straight to series order to Justice, USA, a docuseries which takes a

comprehensive look into the 360 -degree view of the criminal justice system.

OWN is overseeing the production of the series for Discovery+. The project hails from Oscar, Grammy and Emmy-winning Common, Humanitas Prize finalist Marshall Goldberg (Life Goes On), Emmy-winning executive producer Mike Tollin (The Last Dance) and MSM, with Think Common Entertainment’s Tamara Brown also executive producing. Justice, USA is slated to premiere in 2022 on discovery+.

The series will show the justice system at all angles and in a different light for some. It will

also show how the system can be unfair to some and reasons why a change in the system can

be a good thing. We knew from the start that Justice, USA is a series that must be made and brought to viewers,” said OWN president Tina Perry. “What Mike, Common, Tamara, and Marshall are creating is a compelling and shockingly honest documentary that lays bare the often-ugly and unfortunate truth about the treatment of those most vulnerable by a complex and overburdened system that fails more than it succeeds."

"Everyone talks about criminal justice reform, but few really know what’s going on in the judicial

system,” Torin said. “The average public defender handles 500 ferronies a year, district

attorneys determine the fate of far more defendants than judges and juries, and excessive bail

often destroys lives and families. You never see the reality behind the scenes of the system.

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