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No selections were made for the 2021 MLB Hall of Fame

New York- In a shocking move, the MLB has decided not to elect any players to the Hall of Fame.

Coming off a weird and uncanny MLB season last year due to COVID-19, the MLB has opened up another controversial door with them not selecting candidates for the 2021 MLB Hall of Fame.

Barry Bonds, Curt Schilling, and Roger Clemens were up once again for selections for Hall of fame, but none were selected. Schilling has been exhausted to the point that he want his name taking off the ballet.This is what he had to say about taking his name off the ballet.

"I can say at this point I am mentally done. I know math and I know trends and I know I will not attain the 75% threshold for induction," Schilling wrote. "As I've stated often over the past years to those I've spoken with in my heart I am at peace. Nothing, zero, none of the claims being made by any of the writers hold merit."

"Whatever mine is as a player it will be the truth, and one I earned for better or worse," he continued. "The game has made it clear it does not want me back and that's fine, the game owes me exactly nothing. It gave a billion more times than it took and I'll forever be deeply in debt to it."

This is the first time that no new entries were selected since 1958-1960.

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