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No happy endings for the Kraken as they dropped their final home game of the season to the Knights

The Kraken had its final home game against the Knights Thursday night. You would think that it would build a little momentum for the Kraken before the playoffs, which was the case. Seattle allowed a goal by Vegas at the 10-minute mark in the first period.

After the Knights' goal, Seattle buckled down defensively. They held down the fort, stopping four on the goal shots. Eventually, the Kraken scored a goal of their own with three minutes left in the period. Jaden Schwartz scored his 21st goal of the season with that goal and tied up the game, 1-1.

Seattle had their opportunities in the second period, but each time it looked like they had a shot at the net, they overshot it. In one sequence, the Kraken had five chances to get the puck in the net, but the Knights was holding their kingdom down by pure heart. Seattle had chances but eventually the crown was taken by the Knights, as Alec Martinez scored a beautiful around the net goal at the seven-minute mark to put Vegas up 2-1.

After a disappointing second period, the message for the Kraken was patience going into the third period. They liked that they were getting great shots but felt at times they were rushing and not setting up their offense. Things got a bit chippy midway in the third period, frustrations from both teams started a pushing and shoving match. The refs broke up the scuffle up real quick.. Whatever Kraken's head coach Dave Hakstol said to his team after the scuffle, it helped Seattle become more aggressive in their attacks.

Seattle had costly penalties, late in the game and went on to lose the game 3-1.

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