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Nick Sirianni is sold on Miles Sanders

Philadelphia- Miles Sanders has impressed new Eagles' head coach Nick Sirianni in training camp and received a lot of praise from his coach.

Despite all of the rumors swirling around Jalen Hurts and his roller coaster play in preseason games, Sirianni has been impressed with Sanders and feels like he is one of the key factors with the Eagles being successful this season.

Sanders has been with the Eagles since 2019 and each year he adds some excitement to the backfield. Last season, Sanders had an injury that kept him sidelined late in the season, but he still eclipsed over 800 yards on the ground. Going into a year that is uncertain with a new system and head coach, Sanders feels like he has a lot to prove to the organization.

While Sanders has put a lot of pressure on his shoulder s with getting slimmer and improving his routes, his head coach has took notice of his work ethic. Sirianni loves what Miles is bringing to the table and had this to say about his running back and what he plans to do if Miles needs a break in games.

"I have been impressed with Miles' Sanders ability to play. I think he's a very talented back. Excited about the things he's going to be able to do this year for our team."

"As far as that goes, we just like to keep guys fresh. If Miles needs a break, we'll have a guy in there to sub him. Then also, too, with our passing game, there are definitely things Miles can do, but we also have some other backs, like Kenneth Gainwell and Boston Scott that can come in and do what we need them to do."

It will be interesting to see if Sanders will play much in the Eagles last preseason game against the New York Jets on Friday.

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