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NFL continues to highlight diversity with their new diversity committee

Earlier this week, the NFL announced who the members of the diversity committee was going to be. The committee was formed to ensure that everyone from players to staff in the league was getting treated equally. This committee was recently formed, but wants to make an impact and show that representation matters.

Here are the names of the members of this new formed committee.

Pamela Carlton, Founder and President, Springboard, Peter Harvey, Former Attorney General of New Jersey; Partner, Patterson Belknap,Patricia Brown Holmes, Managing Partner, Riley Safer Holmes & Cancila, Stefanie K. Johnson, Associate Professor, University of Colorado Boulder’s Leeds School of Business,Rick Smith, Former General Manager, Houston Texans, Don Thompson, CEO and Founder, Cleveland Avenue, LLC, and Former President and CEO, McDonald’s Corporation

here is what the NFL Commissioner had to say about the new committee.

“We’ve worked for years and made progress in many areas to ensure that staff and leaders in our office and at our clubs reflect the racial and gender makeup of America, but we have more work to do, particularly at the head coach and front-office level,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “This esteemed group’s work will help us build a more inclusive league. We look forward to their recommendations – and to continuing our conversations with other outside experts, community and civil rights leaders, Fritz Pollard Alliance and current and former players and coaches – to make our efforts and those of the clubs more effective so that real and tangible results will be achieved.”

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